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Automotive Equipment

Thinking of acquiring automotive equipment for your business? Catalyst Finance specializes in providing lease financing to the automotive industry.

Automotive equipment leasing is a cost effective solution for small auto repair shops as well as large car dealerships. Leasing enables you to pay for the equipment as the equipment generates revenue for you.  Leasing also lets you to keep up on the newest equipment, offer the latest technologies, and stay competitive. You can even avoid warranty hassles or aging equipment breakdowns by selecting shorter lease contracts.

Get the automotive gear you need with Catalyst Finance. We can facilitate credit requests for A, B, and C ranged clientele.

Examples of lease financing solutions:

  • Vehicle lifts
  • Tire changers
  • Wheel balancers
  • Wheel alignment
  • Brake and drum lathes
  • Jacks, hoists
  • Frame straighteners
  • Automotive diagnostic equipment
  • Engine dynamometers