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Vendor Programs

Are you a commercial equipment seller? We enable equipment sellers to offer lease financing for their equipment.

Are you a manufacturer, dealer, retailer, suppler, or distributor of commercial equipment? Did you know that over 85% of businesses choose to lease equipment?

Do you know that offering leasing on every quote can increase your sales by 8-12%?

Leasing is a powerful tool to add to your sales process. You can partner with with Catalyst Finance to offer your customer’s simple payment plans to acquire your equipment.

Leasing allows you to offer more payment options and flexible payment terms to potential buyers. By offering more options you can make your equipment more affordable for even more business owners.

Want to get connected to more buyers?

Please contact us to get your vendor information package; it outlines the best practices on how to offer equipment leasing.

Benefits of offering equipment leasing:


Accelerates your sales process


Allows you to offer more payment options


Adds more flexibility for buyers


Increases your closing ratio


Increases sales orders


Reduces your receivables or day sales outstanding


Eliminates the need to offer your clients terms